Truth, order, discipline and charity

Here are some of the things that our parents say about our school.

Our family felt we were in a hopeless situation being Traditional Catholic parents and having our son in the public school system. Without an SSPX school in our area and not being able to home school, we still felt that this was our only option, until we found OLMCA. It was truly a blessing for our son and our family. Boarding a child is very difficult but the grace that flows from the school is well worth the obstacles...

Our Lady of Mnt Carmel is like a little oasis in a world full of bad choices. Of course a child is free to choose good or evil and to live with their consequences, but few are ready for what is thrown their way at an early age, in most schools.  We have chosen OLMC to give our sons the chance to realize they don't need all of the gadgets and entertainment that many expect, especially to keep them more focused on their studies and to give them the best opportunity to succeed in high school and beyond.

On a worldwide scale, we find hidden in the little town of New Hamburg, this little treasure from God.  OLMCA contains the teaching of His truths, order, discipline and charity - for the formation of the next generation toward eternity.  Deo Gratias.  Thank you to the priests of the SSPX and to the staff of OLMCA.