St. Patrick's dinner 2023

A successful event

On March 18th, St. Peter’s held their annual St. Patrick’s Day Dinner. The event included an authentically Irish meal with corned beef and soda bread. It was a full house. There was a best-dressed contest, a silent auction, a raffle draw and a live auction, with the top items being a statue of Our Lady and a meal for eight with the priests. Children five and up were able to play and eat in a separate room, where fun and games were organized such as musical chairs, and balloons. 

During the meal, we were blessed to hear an assortment of beautiful Irish music. There was Danny Boy performed by Fr. Stannus, Fr. Perrot, Christopher Pitre, Don Sills and Jacob Sills. The Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shamrocks performed: Farewell to Carlingford; The Fields of Athenry; and Follow Me Up to Carlow. Loch Lomond was performed by Julianne Hartman, Lindsay Sills, Theresa Phillips, Christopher Pitre, Fr. Stannus, Fr. Perrot, and Don Sills. 

Thanks be to God, St. Patrick, and all the volunteers and event organizers for such a wonderful event. 

The winners of the raffle were Michelle Piccione (ticket n°870) and Stephan Tan (ticket n°4611).