April 2017 - District Superior's Letter

The Church Occupied

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

When Our Lady of La Salette spoke of an eclipse of the Church, she meant that a mysterious entity would veil the real Church and would seek to receive the honors due to the real Church. That is what an eclipse is: you look at the sun, and you see the moon in front of it. This foreign entity eclipsing the Church at present no doubt is what is called the “Conciliar Church”.

From the 1960’s onward, in her letters Sister Lucy used the expression “diabolical disorientation”, as to signify this same final battle between the devil and Our Lady. This disorientation will be manifest by false doctrines and by blindness, up to the highest echelons of the Church.

We could compare that to a kind of diabolical possession. The word is very strong, as are the words of Our Lady at La Salette and in Fatima, but for those who have seen real exorcism, the analogy is truly to the point.

Some of our priests in Asia and elsewhere have had to perform solemn exorcisms in the course of their ministry. One case in Asia was that of a lady who gave all the classical signs of a true diabolical possession: such as knowing foreign languages, understanding Latin for example, and knowing things truly impossible for her to know. When the priest asked her in Latin “Quot estis? How many are you” she replied angrily in her own dialect: “Fifteen!” In another séance of exorcism, since there were many of them over the years, a medical doctor was present. He witnessed how this poor lady was literally ‘occupied’, ‘possessed’ by other evil spirits. One of these spoke with a perfect British accent, another in the dialect of remote mountain village witchdoctors. It was a body occupied by many ‘souls’. The doctor commented later: “The symptoms which appeared in this so gentle woman, which are seen in her soft voice, cannot fit in any classification, in any clinical table found to this day in the medical literature”.

Confessing her and giving her Holy Communion was a challenge. For a long time she could not attend the Tridentine Mass for fear of violent reactions, so she stayed in a remote room in the adjacent house. She would make her confession in writing, and for Holy Communion, you could see her struggling to open her mouth just long enough to let the priest put the Sacred Host on her tongue. Then, a violent reaction followed as if she had swallowed something burning. The doctor added: “a simple phrase of one of the helpers says it all: ‘This does not happen when she goes to the New Mass’ ”.

It can take many exorcisms to deliver a soul from such possession. The last news I got about her was that she could now attend Holy Mass and receive Holy Communion at the communion rail like everyone else.

Such a case of diabolical possession is another way to understand what is happening in the Holy Church today. Back in 1975, an excellent French book was published by J. Ploncard d’Assac, entitled “The Church Occupied”. It is exactly like that poor Asian woman: in her body there were many souls fighting against each other. And when the evil one took control, the real soul was powerless. It could hear and see all that was happening, but could not stop it. However, with the repeated exorcisms, she visibly became stronger against the evil one. She said that the full rosary in Latin gave her great courage.

The Church today shows the same signs. Although there is only one body, one structure, there seems to be various spirits fighting for the control of this body. Looking at the possessed lady during the exorcism, one could say: this is really her body but this is not her soul speaking. It is the same for the Church: we cannot say “The Church is finished!”! No, the body is still there, although the voice is not that of the Church. Back in 1965, Archbishop Lefebvre spoke of this mysterious occupation of the Church in his tenth intervention during the Vatican II.

This pastoral constitution is neither pastoral nor does it emanates from the Catholic Church: it does not feed men and Christians with the evangelical and apostolic truth and, on the other hand, the Church has never spoken thus. We cannot listen to this voice because it is not the voice of the Bride of Christ. This voice is not the voice of the Spirit of Christ. The voice of Christ, our Shepherd, we know. This one, we shall ignore. The clothing is that of the sheep; the voice is not that of the Shepherd, but perhaps that of the wolf. I have spoken.” (I accuse the Council, Angelus Press, pp. 86-87)

This is certainly quite similar to a diabolical possession.

Let me end this letter with the prayer Our Blessed Lady herself taught on January 13, 1864 to a servant of God, Father Louis Cestac, founder of the Congregation of the Servants of Mary (+1868) who was asking her for a prayer to fight the devil. The moment had come to invoke her as the Queen of Angels and to ask her to send the Holy Legions to fight the powers of hell.

August Queen of Heaven and Sovereign Mistress of Angels, who from the beginning hast been commissioned from God with power and with the mission to crush the head of Satan, we humbly beseech thee, send forth thy holy legions, that, under thy command and by thy power, they may seek out all evil spirits, everywhere put them to flight, curb their insolence and hurl them back into the abyss. Who is like unto God? O good and tender Mother, thou shall ever be our love and our hope. O divine Mother, send the Holy Angels to defend me and drive far away from me the cruel enemy. Holy Angels and Archangels defend us, keep us. Amen.” (300 days indulgence, St Pius X, July 8, 1908)

News from the District

Sick priests: we recommend to your prayers two of our priests who have stopped their priestly ministry due to serious illnesses: Fr. André Lemieux, who is at rest in our priory in Winnipeg, and Fr. Sean Gerrity, assigned in Toronto, but who is now trying to regain his health at his parents’ house in the USA.
Parish Missions: Fr. Albert, O.P. will preach a parish mission in Toronto during Passion Week, and in Lévis during Holy Week. Contact each priory for the exact schedule.
Priests’ Retreat: He will also preach the retreat for priest during the Octave of Easter, in Saint-Césaire.

We recommend all these intentions to your prayers.

School bus needed: the present 15 seater school bus in Holy Family School, is now over 20 years old, and needs to be replaced. Anyone willing to either donate a better used bus or buy one should contact the district house.

Yours truly and gratefully in the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary,

Father Daniel Couture
District Superior