Prayer intentions

Prayer intentions

In your charity, please pray for the following intentions touching our parish and relatives:

  • Mufide Rende, her brothers Tahsin, Ali, Faruk, İsmail Rende, her sister Fevziye her brothers Irfan and Şerif Rende.

  • For the electıon in Turkey on 28th May and the CH party and its leaders and followers.

  • Mr. Andrew Gambal, Corrado’s friend, has been struck with sudden illness at only 43 years old and the doctors have not figured out what is wrong with him.  He has received the last rite.
  • Mr. Cyril Graham, Mrs. Christine De Artola’s father, is now out of the hospital but will still need to be carefully observed.

  • The father of Doctor Rob Adams who has been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Wiesława who has been in coma for over 2 years.

  • Krystyna who was diagnosed with the third cancer.

And for the repose of the following souls:

  • Nedime and Mehmet Rende

  • Randal Damien Matters.

  • Janet Filteau, mother of Jacob Quinlan.

  • Isaac Ortecho Rivera, nephew of Victor Rivera in Peru.

  • Vernon Pingol, cousin of Leo Pasia.

  • Aurora Mandawe, mother of Jessica Papania.

  • Manuel Tavares, father of Maria Chaves

  • Michel Laroche, son of Marie-Denise Lafleur.

Candle intentions

Until the month of October:

  • Glory to God
  • Peace
  • Vocations
  • Thanksgiving
  • Souls in purgatory
  • Special intentions
  • Spiritual Health
  • Temporal Health
  • Conversion
  • Family Harmony
  • Happy Death


Special intentions of:

  • Mrs. Joann Templeton
  • Mr. Piotr Blicharski