Particular activities

Special school activities are many and varied. Most of these celebrations follow the Liturgical Calendar.

All Saints Party

All Saints Party which consists of the children choosing a particular Saint to represent in dress of the period. They are judged in terms of their originality and especially their ability to give an oral presentation of the life of their adopted saint. The priest judges may also ask questions of the children. The entire event takes place before the assembled school .The following day November 2nd there will be a special Requiem Mass for all the School.

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is looked upon as an unofficial holiday .This year we will celebrate on the Friday before- March15th.  All children and Staff participate in the general merriment and are required to be dressed in green for the occasion. Parties are hosted in each classroom and Irish music is the order of the day. Irish themes are taught in the course of the day as related to their studies as Calgary has been much influenced by the Celtic Diaspora. On this day exhibitions of Irish dancing take place to which parents are invited.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day November 9th is given particular prominence with a special assembly beneath the National Flag and the Last Post is played in total silence. The simple ceremony takes place outdoors and once more an invitation is extended to parents. This year it will take place on the following day as the 9th is a Sunday

Fund raisers

Two major fund raisers take place. The Chocolate Drive, usually in October and the Jogathon in the immediate weeks following Easter are a necessary part of school life. Apart from the necessity of money these activities provide an opportunity to contribute to the school in a voluntary way which encourages a healthy spirit of shared concern and community drive.

Sports day

Sports day in June is organized at a City location and is looked forward to with much anticipation and occurs a few days before the annual prize day awards, the last day of school June21st.
On occasion special lunches are provided for the children and are announced in good time to the parents.