Texts of Archbishop Lefebvre for the time of elections (2)

Source: District of Canada

Mrg Marcel Lefebvre

Texts of Archbishop Lefebvre for the time of election: Extract from the sermon for the Feast of Christ the King, Écône, October 30, 1988

So, what are we to do, dear brethren, in the face of this situation? We must desire, of course, the reign of Our Lord, we must pray with all our heart, with all our soul, today especially, we must ask Our Lord to reign, that He may help us, that He may come to our aid. God knows that He has given us all the means to save us. But in the face of this situation, which is apparently insoluble, what can we do?

Well, we must do what Our Lord Jesus Christ wanted us to do, that is, to sanctify ourselves, to resurrect the grace we received on the day of our baptism in order to wash away original sin and to heal all its consequences. We know very well that we still have these consequences of original sin, that we carry them within us, and that we must constantly fight them by the grace of Our Lord, by prayer, by the worthy and frequent reception of the sacraments, by attending Holy Mass, the true Mass. We know that this is how our souls will be purified, how our souls will be sanctified and how our souls will make the law and the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ reign in them.

But it is not enough to do it for us. We have functions. We all have a vocation here on earth. We do not live alone; we do not live in isolation and therefore we have the duty to make Our Lord reign everywhere in our functions. And not only in our families. The reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ is not only a reign that must be limited to the family, as if, as soon as one leaves the family home, there is no more room for Our Lord Jesus Christ, that it no longer concerns Our Lord. As if Our Lord has no longer anything to say about what we do in our profession, what we do in the City, outside our family. That is not true! We must be always subject to Our Lord, in everything we do, in all our acts and consequently in the acts of our profession too. And consequently, in the acts that we have to accomplish and which concern the good of our village, the good of our city, the good of our State. It is time, my dear brethren, it is time, more than time, that Christians and especially traditionalists - if we can call them that - that is to say, true Christians, true Catholics, it is time that they realize the situation that exists around them, which is deteriorating month after month, year after year. Our countries have not lost all Catholic faith. There are still people who believe, people who still have faith. They should be gathered together; they should be awakened. And among us, among those who have deep, Catholic convictions, let them take responsibilities.

We are amazed to see Catholic countries - let's say like Valais - like all the Catholic cantons of Switzerland, like France, like Italy, like Spain, like Ireland, like all those Catholic countries that are 80%, 85% Catholic, that are ruled by Freemasons, that are ruled by enemies of the Church. How is this possible? How could these people succeed in dominating countries with a large Catholic majority, people who are not Christians, people who want to destroy the Christian family; who introduce laws that demolish Christian teaching, that demolish Christian schools; who introduce all these abominable initiatives that we see, such as the discotheques that are multiplying everywhere now in every village. (These people) who consequently introduce into legislation, abortion, contraception, who support drugs, who don't forbid pornography and who accept these abominable films against Our Lord Jesus Christ. These are small groups of people who are against Our Lord Jesus Christ and who dominate Christian nations.

Is this possible? How can we explain that, how can we explain that in a country where 80%, 85% of the population are Catholics, those who dominate and direct everyone are those who are against the Catholic Church, who are against Our Lord?

I think it is because Catholics think that they should not enter public office. They are afraid to intrude in public functions. They are probably right in the sense that they might have to participate in things that are bad and contribute to things that are bad. But if, on the contrary, they do it to prevent bad things from happening, they must show up; they must take responsibilities for the good of souls, to make Our Lord Jesus Christ reign in the law.

It seems to me that there is a deficiency and perhaps a lack of understanding of the duties of Catholics, faithful Catholics. It would be necessary that in villages where 80% of the population is still Catholic and still have convictions, say up to 90%, good Catholics should be the ones who lead the village, who take on communal responsibilities. The same thing in the States. We must not be afraid to take on responsibilities. This is not bad politics, it is not party politics, it is simply seeking the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the social reign of Our Lord.

So, we must pray for this and encourage all the friends that we know, all our acquaintances who are able to take positions in the villages, in the cities, in the state, to run for them. We have recently seen the initiative that was launched by (some) of our friends, that little newspaper that has appeared called Controversies, in which our fellow priests too got involved in a certain way. Well, this is, in my opinion, a very good initiative that can possibly be used, at the time of a vote, to be distributed in families, everywhere, to help people make a good vote, the vote for Our Lord Jesus Christ. Without making a particular party let them be, as Saint Pius X says, the party of God, the party of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This, it seems to me, is what this feast of Christ the King reminds us of and what it demands of us. As Joan of Arc used to say in her battle: We fight, we pray, and God will give the victory.

They say: Oh, it's impossible! We won't be able to. It is too difficult; we will never be able to overcome the people who currently rule our countries. We will never be able to overthrow them.

But we must count on the grace of the Good Lord. The Good God is with us. The Good Lord wants to reign; the Good Lord wants the good of souls. And therefore, if Catholics unite, pray, make sacrifices and militate for the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we must count on the grace of Our Lord, on the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary who is as strong as an army in battle array, on the help of the saints, of Saint Michael the Archangel, of all the saints of the country, of Saint Nicholas of Flüe, and here of Saint Maurice. Let us invoke them and ask them to help us so that Our Lord Jesus Christ may reign in our countries, in order to save the souls of future generations, to save our souls and bring our countries back under the gentle reign of Our Lord.