Texts of Archbishop Lefebvre for the time of elections (1)

Source: District of Canada

Archbisop Marcel Lefebvre

Texts of Archbishop Lefebvre for the time of election: Extract from the sermon on the occasion of his priestly golden jubilee, Paris, September 23, 1979

A crusade for heads of families

A crusade as well for heads of families. You who are the head of your household, you have a grave responsibility in your countries. You do not have the right to let your country be invaded by Socialism and Communism! You do not have the right, or else you are no longer Catholic! You must fight at the time of elections in order to have Catholic mayors, Catholic deputies, so that France finally may become Catholic again. That is not mere politics, that is to wage a good, campaign, a campaign such as was waged by the saints, such as was waged the popes who opposed Attila, such as was waged by St. Remy who converted Clovis, such as was waged by Joan of Arc who saved France from Protestantism. If Joan of Arc had not been raised up in France, we would all be Protestants! It was in order to keep France Catholic that Our Lord raised up Joan of Arc, that child of seventeen years old, who drove the English out of France. That, too, is waging a political campaign. Surely then this is the sort of politics which we desire: the politics of the kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

Just a few moments ago you were heard to chant: Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat. Are these but words, mere lyrics, mere chants? No! It is necessary that they be a reality. You, heads of family, you are the ones responsible for such realization, both for your children and for the generations which are to come. Thus you should organize yourselves now, conduct meetings and hear yourselves out, with the object that France become once again Christian, once again Catholic, It is not impossible, otherwise one would have to say that the grace of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is no longer grace, that God is no longer God, that Our Lord Jesus Christ is no longer Our Lord Jesus Christ. One must have confidence in the grace of Our Lord Who is all-powerful. I have seen this grace at work in Africa. There is no reason why it will not work as well here in these countries. This is the message I wanted to tell you today.