Our Lady of Mount Carmel Celebrates 10 Years!

Source: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy and Chapel was founded by Father Rostandt and Fr. Sulzen. The school opened in 2008 with Fr. Scott as the first Principal.

On Canada's Victoria Day long weekend of May 18th-20th, 2018, many parishoners, OLMCA students and alumni, family, and friends celebrated the 10th anniversary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel's Academy and Chapel. Beginning the festivities on Friday evening with a Mass at St. Peter's Church, many OLMCA alumni, staff, and friends travelled near and far to reconnect in St. Peter's hall; seeing old friends, and meeting new ones.

On Saturday, more guests arrived to begin the day with a beautiful Solemn High Mass, celebrated by Fr. Sherry, Fr. Potvin, and Fr. Marcel Stannus. Among the many guests, were Fr. Boulet and Fr. Lillis, who joined everyone at the school for an amazing concert performed by OLMCA students, parishoners, St. Peter's choir and others! The performers displayed an array of musical talent, which included singing, piano pieces, ukulele pieces, violin pieces, and even duck calling! Afterwards, Fr. Sherry unveiled OLMC's new crest and invited everyone to get an exclusive sneak peek of the new boarding facility. You can find more details and photos here. Fortunately the rain that was forcasted for the day held off, and guests were able to spend the rest of the festivities outside playing volleyball and enjoying a feast of salads and hotdogs. The amazing weather also allowed the groups participating in the scavenger hunt to run around outside and search all over the school for their mysterious items. The day ended with a rosary and well deserved rest, as the next day continued the celebrations.

After a High Mass celebrated by Fr. Sherry on Sunday morning, all were invited to OLMC's gymnasium for an Alumni vs. Templars basketball game. It was definitely an exciting game, especially since the Alumni team included a few of the previous Templar basketball players and alumni who have never played on the Templars team. Despite not playing with each other for a long time, or at all, the Alumni team still managed to keep the score to 39-52. The day was not done for the Alumni team. Afterwards, the OLMC students wanted to face the Alumni in a game of football. There were a lot of stumbling, falling, and a couple of injuries, to say the least. The OLMC students took over the game from the worn out Alumni and won 18-0. As the day was winding down and the festivities came to an end, guests were invited to close the weekend with Vespers and Benediction in OLMC's Chapel. 

Thank you to all of those that had travelled near and far to visit and celebrate the success of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy and Chapel's 10 years with us. We also thank all of those that have been part of running the engine of OLMC, but could not make it to the festivities. With the grace of God, your prayers, and the generosity of so many many people, we hope that OLMC continues for many more years. To help with the school and the new Boarding Facility, please donate here.

Check out some of the photos from the weekend celebrations above!