OLMCA's Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony 2017

Source: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy

St. Peter's campus celebrates its first ever Kindergarten Graduation

Today marks another first for St. Peter's Church: OLMCA's Kindergarten class graduation ceremony. Having a separate campus for grades Kindergarten to 6 allows the children to produce their own play productions, music concerts and ceremonies.

This year OLMCA congratulates two students in the Kindergarten class for graduating and furthering their education. The day began with a Mass for the students, teachers and families. Afterwards, all were welcomed with a light breakfast and entertainment by the elementary grades. The students presented three song pieces, which included a song in French, and two short plays by each class. Fr. Potvin presented the awards for the winners of the travel vouchers and then, with the help of Mrs. Kotsos, congratulated the Kindergarten students for graduating their first year of school.