OLMCA Debuts with Soccer Team

Source: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy

OLMCA will be participating for Her first time in an official sports league, starting with a soccer team this year and adding basketball next year.

Excercise, challege, teamwork and loyalty - these are all key elements in the formation of a young man. Sports engage these key elements among many others, and fulfill the yearning for discipline and achievement in the adolescent.

With these facts in mind, OLMCA is pleased to manage for Her first time an official soccer team. Intramural sports were initiated last year, and this provided the boys with a healthy competition that does not compare to a mere recreational game. But how much better it is for a student to fight, not just for a few friends, but for his Alma Mater and the honor of Our Lady Herself! Providentially, the students of OLMCA can now do exactly this with a regular and official sports season.

However, coach Joseph Judickas warned the team that it would not be a walk in the park. The Templars are a David among many Goliaths, whose schools have 10-30 students for every 1 at OLMCA. The Templars started their season on April 18th with a 5-0 loss, but knowing that the competition is high and that this is the first official game for most of them, they keep their heads up and go forward with commitment and courage. Next year, the OLMCA Templars will show their presence not only on the soccer field, but also on the basketball court. Any financial or equipment donations for next year's seasons would be used well and much appriciated.

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