New Boarding Facility

Source: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy

OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL ACADEMY NEEDS YOUR HELP! The increasing number of applicants and the rising demand for a truly Catholic formation in Canada leaves OLMC no choice but to expand her capacity by undertaking the construction of a new boarding facility.

Who we are

At Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy, Jesus Christ is King. The education provided is centred on forming a truly Catholic character – an adult who knows how to live their life and who has the backbone and character to do it. This is achieved by the learning of the Faith and practice of it in depth, as well as the formation of good habits and demanding of excellence in every sphere.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy situated near Kitchener, Ontario is a school of the Society of Saint Pius X that accepts students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. It welcomes boarders from all over Canada, the United States and Mexico. It is recognised by the Ontario Ministry of Education but independent in curriculum and spirit.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel is the only English speaking SSPX High school in Canada. It is also geographically attractive to students from Michigan, Ohio and even Indiana. Over its seven years of existence, it is gained a reputation for solid formation and attracts students from as far away as California and Mexico. For this reason, the boarding facility is overcrowded, this past autumn we had to turn away some young men looking for a Catholic formation – we need to expand.

What we plan

We plan to build on our current property, which is 5½ acres in size, a sufficient dormitory facility to accommodate all our boarders and more, as well as kitchen and refectory facilities and simple recreation space for long Canadian winters.

We plan to build a simple three-storey facility. On the ground floor, will be living accommodation – kitchen, refectory and indoor recreation area for the long Canadian winters. On the second and third floors will be the boys’ rooms – each room will be simply laid out with respect for each one’s privacy – a bed and a closet for each boy and a sink. In the centre of each of these two levels will be a toilet and shower block. In the building as a whole, there will be four housefathers’ rooms.

Please pray!

The education of young people is the “art of arts.” From truly Catholic schools come forth truly Catholic priests, religious, and truly Catholic spouses and parents. Can we afford to not invest in the future of these young people?

Can you help us by your prayers?

Can you donate?

The cost of our development will be in the region of $1.5m CAD. By Divine Providence, a donor has come forward who will match and double all donations up to $500,000! In other words, if we raise $500,000, he will donate $1,000,000! Can you help?

Even the smallest donation will go some way to achieving our goal.

Ways to donate

  • Can you make a pledge to donate a fixed amount by direct debit or credit card every month for the duration of our project? Simply send a voided check or your credit card information, noting the desired amount you would like to donate each month. We will take care of the rest.
  • Can you make a one-time donation by cheque or credit card? Please make cheques payable to Society of St. Pius X.
  • All donations will receive a tax receipt.
  • Can you tell others? Perhaps your relations and friends would like to help. Please tell them about our plans for Catholic education. Request copies of a brochure to send to them.
  • Can you lend? Please contact us for information on private loans.

Printable PDF - New Boarding Facility Brochure