Medals Awarded for the National Latin Exam

Source: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy

Six of OLMCA's students were awarded medals for their exceptional performance in the National Latin Exam.

This is now the second consecutive year that OLMCA has participated in the National Latin Exam, and some of the students have again excelled enough to be awarded medals. Grade 11 student Gregory Stoltz was awarded his second gold medal for his favourable results, and was followed closely by five silver medalists – Andrew Curtis, Charles Burhans, Stephen Hetrick, Dyllon Arendoque, and Simon Schrage.

OLMCA is fortunate to participate in the National Latin Exam, which is an excellent way for the students to get awards and scholarships while learning the Latin language. Latin has a significant importance for us Catholics, as it is the language of the Catholic Church. That being said, Latin is a crucial factor in the well rounded formation of any student because it is also the language of law, government, logic and theology, and it even helps him to understand his own English language and grammar much better. The National Latin Exam aids all of these things with its good philosophy:

The philosophy of the National Latin Exam is predicated on providing every Latin student the opportunity to experience a sense of personal accomplishment and success in his study of the Latin language and culture. This opportunity exists for each individual student since, on the National Latin Exam, he is not competing with his fellow student on a comparative basis, but is evaluated solely on his own performance on the exam. The basic purposes of the NLE are to promote the study of Latin and to encourage the individual student.