Latest Coronavirus Guidelines for the District of Canada

Source: District of Canada
  1. The District of Canada encourages all the faithful to follow the advice given by St. John Bosco in Turin during the cholera epidemic of 1854. He had asked the young men he commissioned to visit the sick to carry an image (or medal) of the Virgin with them and to pray regularly. None of them had been infected.

  2. The dispensation from the obligation to attend Holy Mass on Sundays until further notice is granted to all.

  3. The duty to sanctify Sunday remains for those who are prevented from attending Holy Mass:
  • The faithful who are prevented are therefore obliged to sanctify Sunday by a time of prayer equivalent to a Sunday Low Mass (about 30 minutes).
  • The reading of the texts of the Mass, the recitation of the rosary and spiritual communion are good means for this. It is also advisable to make a spiritual reading that permeates the spirit of Lent. 
  1. Public Masses are suspended in Canada until further notice as requested by the civil authority.

  2. The chapels of the Society of St. Pius X remain open to the faithful during the day.

  3. Masses will be celebrated during the day, during the week and on Sundays, only small groups will be allowed to attend (according to the number fixed by the Province for any gathering). Contact your priory for more information. The authorized faithful will attend at least one meter apart, one chair every two and one row every two.

  4. The faithful should not hesitate to contact the priories of the Society of Saint Pius X to receive the sacraments (confession, communion, extreme unction). They can make an appointment and go to one of the priories or ask for a home visit.

  5. If you are unable to attend Holy Mass, you can still follow it on the Internet.

Practical info


1.             Masses on the Internet:


- In English in Phoenix:

- In French at St Nicolas du Chardonnet (France):


2.             To contact priests in Canada:


By Internet: send your requests to [email protected]

Please use the emergency number only to ask for a priest in real emergency! 

Whenever possible, we advise you to call the priest before going to the hospital. Priests are not admitted to patients infected with the Coronavirus.


Tel: (450) 390 1323

In case of emergency: (450) 577 4258


Tel: (418) 837 3028

In case of emergency:


Tel: (403) 233 0031

In case of emergency: (403) 233 0031


Tel: (604) 533 3358

In case of emergency: (604) 533 3358


Tel: (250) 545 3516

In case of emergency: (250) 545 3516


Tel: (204) 589-4524

In case of emergency: (204) 589 4524


Tel: (416) 503-8854

In case of emergency: (416) 503 8854

New Hamburg:

Tel: (519) 634 4932

In case of emergenc : (519) 634 4932