Knight of the Immaculata N° 21 - Heaven is my Homeland

Source: District of Canada

Dear Knights of the Immaculata!

"Scapular, Rosary and Miraculous Medal — here are three things that the Immaculata herself has deigned to offer for the salvation of mankind." With these words St. Maximilian Kolbe gives the shortest possible summary of our heavenly Mother’s immense love towards her children on earth. Be- cause she wants the very best for us, she gives us the necessary means to obtain this “best”. The more attacks there are from the enemy and the more oppression from his innumerable armies, the more she gives from the abun- dance of her Immaculate Heart all we need to vanquish them.

We have the privilege of living in times about which St. Therese of the Child Jesus only dreamt: we are stepping into the “great tribulation”. Dur- ing past years we have witnessed evils surpassing all that has ever been seen in the world of wickedness, evil, apostasy, blasphemy, terror etc.

Behind this apocalyptic scenery we need to re-read the above mentioned sentence of the holy founder of the M.I. Many Catholics have been and are still unjustly deprived of the possibility of receiving the Sacraments, attend- ing Holy Mass or even visiting the church. However, Our Lady did not per- mit that we be totally abandoned, and even if her spiritual weapons are secondary (they are sacramentals) in comparison with the primary means (sacraments), we must thank her on our knees, that she at least left us these. Is this not the echo of what she said to Sr. Lucy, that now Our Lord gives the world the last means of salvation: the devotion to her Immaculate Heart and the Rosary?

If we consider the essence of the Brown Scapular and the Miraculous Medal, we easily recognise that both are a perfect expression not only of the Love of her Immaculate Heart but also of our Devotion to her Immaculate Heart.

Maybe we can go so far as to say: wherever people hold in true esteem the Brown Scapular, the Rosary and the Medal, they will be preserved from the worst, they will overcome temptation and not be lost in the devil’s final battle.

But who will give them these means, if the churches and the priests are literally “locked down”?

Who will introduce them into the spirit and veritable devotion of Our Lady clothing her children (Scapular), bestowing them with innumerable graces (Medal), giving them the chain which anchors them securely to heaven (Rosary)? Who will teach them to use these weapons properly to wear Our Lady’s uniform (Scapular), to attack with Our Lady’s bullets, and to shoot with Our Lady’s machine gun (Rosary)?

Here you have the reason for this issue of the “Knight”! Never before in the history of the apostolate of the Knights has it been so important for the salvation of souls. It is as if we were among the last to provide the soldiers in the battlefield with ammunition, and essential supplies, without which they would simply starve.

On the other hand, in times of trouble and emergency many hearts look for help. If all is suddenly shaken and insecure, and the “paradise on earth” is being crushed, then at least some finally send their sighs to Heaven. Blessed be them, if they find a Knight to feed them with flyers, booklets, little movies (our YouTube channel:, pictures and devotionals, but above all, with Medals and Rosaries!

Please be the instrument of Our Lady NOW! Even if you are also ‘locked down’, then at least send the links of our websites (;, good articles and films etc. out into the whole world. Look, in Nigeria there is just ONE KNIGHT, who every day sends spiritual food, won- derful prayers etc. to thousands. Do the same in the name of Our Lady!

Then you will not only overcome these terrible trials, you will be amongst those whom Our Lady chooses to win in the devil’s final battle!

Fr. Karl Stehlin

Warsaw, on the Feast of Saint Anthony, the 13th of June 2020

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