Holy Hour of Expiation in these times of epidemic - April 4th at 5:30pm

Source: District of Canada

Almighty God, who forgive the sins of your people and heal all their faults, you who call the Lord our healer and sent your beloved Son to bear our sickness, look upon us who stand humbly before You.

We pray to You in this time of plague and need, remember Your love and kindness that You have always shown to Your people in times of tribulation. Just as You graciously looked upon Aaron's atonement and stopped the plague that broke out, just as You accepted David's sacrifice and commanded the destroying angel to withdraw his hand, accept also today our prayer and sacrifice and show us mercy. Keep this disease away from us, allow those affected to be healed, protect those who have been preserved from it so far by Your goodness, and do not let the plague spread any further.

Holy Mary, health of the sick, pray for us!

Our chapels are in containment, but we still need your help!