Graduation 2016

Source: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy

The graduation ceremony of 2016 saw four 8th graders complete their gradeschool edcations, and said farewell to six 12th grade graduates. OLMCA was honoured to have two guests - Fr. Couture and Fr. Herkel, who inspired the graduates with his commencement speech.

In the late morning of June 16, six young men transferred the tassels from one side of their caps to the other – a sign that in a matter of hours their lives had become drastically different. Previously formed and nurtured by their Alma Mater OLMCA, they are now on their own to make their way in the journey of life. Four years behind them are four 8th grade graduates, hungry for a more mature formation.

The day was off to a good start with a solemn high Mass celebrated by Fr. Couture, whom we were thankful to have with us. A breakfast was provided for the faithful before the graduation ceremony, which started with the ‘Veni Creator’ and ‘Sub tuum presidium’. Fr. Herkel inspired the graduates and everyone present with the commencement speech on the vocation and purpose of the graduate. He said that everyone has a vocation in life and a certain amount of talents from God, and it is now up to the graduate to find his particular vocation and multiply his talents therein so that his future self will not be found wanting.

The rest of the ceremony went very well – one of the more humorous points was that ‘perfect attendance’ certificates were awarded “in absentia” to three students who were absent from the ceremony out of necessity. OLMCA was pleased to present many deserved certificates, among which were 5 medals for the National Latin Exam. The ceremony having been completed with the ‘Salve Regina’, the school was left in a relative quietude to prepare for the possession of our new church, summer camps, and next school year.

Congratulations to 12th grade graduates Christopher Curtis, Louis Langlois, Matthew Werick, Peter Del Rosso, Aron Nava, and Timothy Hartman. God bless and guide you in your endeavours.