Coronavirus Guidelines for the District of Canada

Source: District of Canada

Coronavirus Guidelines​ for masses and activities in churches and chapels in the District of Canada of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X.

People who have been in contact with an infected person or who have been in a risk area (currently China, including Hong Kong, South Korea, Iran, Northern Italy, France and Singapore) within the last 14 days must refrain from participating in Masses and other events, and are therefore exempt from Sunday Mass. 

Preventive measures: 

- Wash hands thoroughly with soap before and after participating in events 

- Refrain from shaking hands to greet and say goodbye 

- Cough and sneeze into a handkerchief or into the crook of the elbow.

Out of charity for the common good, let those who feel sick (especially of fever), not be afraid to stay home and consult a doctor.                                                           

Anyone who attends Holy Mass, but is not a regular faithful of the chapel, should register on the list provided and give his telephone number. This is recommended in order to trace the possible chain of transmission.

These guidelines apply provisionally up to and including 31 March 2020. And given the size of our country, local circumstances may vary from place to place, so it will be up to the priors, having consulted their superior, to modify these guidelines according to the virtue of prudence.

Fr. Daniel Couture 

District Superior 

March 9, 2020