Schedule of Mass and Announcements for Orillia and Sudbury

July 30, 2021
Source: Saint Michael Priory - Toronto
Church of the Canadian Martyrs, Orillia, ON

In order to accommodate our faithful, while complying with the limitation of 30% of capacity, we will adjust some Mass times and add extra Masses on Sunday as follows:

COVID rules: You can find here the link for booking a seat for the Masses and here for coming to confession outside of the times before the Masses. Call Mrs Rugman or Fr Bélisle if you have difficulty doing a booking, but do not come to church on Sunday or First Friday without a booking. If you are not a regular to Orillia, please contact Fr. Bélisle or only try to book a place on Saturday, as the regulars fill the 3 masses on Sunday almost to full and have priority.

Schedule of Mass in Orillia:

Day Feast Time  
Friday, September 3 St Pius X (First Friday) 6:00 pm

7:30 pm
Low Mass
Holy Hour
Communions / confessions
Saturday, September 4 First Saturday (St Cajetan) 9:00 am
10:00 am
Low Mass
Communions / confessions
Sunday, September 5 15th Sunday after Pentecost 10:00 am
5:00 pm
Outdoor Mass
Low Mass
Sunday, September 12 15th Sunday after Pentecost 10:00 am
5:00 pm
Outdoor Mass
Low Mass
Monday, September 13 Ferial Day TBA  
Sunday, September 19 17th Sunday after Pentecost 10:00 am
5:00 pm
Outdoor Mass
Low Mass
Monday, September 20 Ferial Day TBA  
Friday, September 24 Ember Friday 8:00 am Low Mass
Saturday, September 25 Ember Saturday TBA Pilgrimage
Sunday, September 26 18th Sunday after Pentecost 10:00 am
5:00 pm
Outdoor Mass
Low Mass
Wednesday, September 29 St Michael the Archangel 9:00 am Low Mass

The confessions and communions outside the Mass should be booked only if the Mass of that day is fully booked.

On Sundays, if the weather dose not permit an outdoor Mass, 2 masses at 10 am and 12 pm will replace it at the church. Bookings will be necessary for those Masses. Notifications for that are done by email, so send your email address if you are not on the mailing list or contact Mrs Rugman or Fr Bélisle.

Schedule of Mass in Sudbury

CO-VID rules: The particulars will depend on a lock-down or not. Please register with Michel Fex or Fr. Bélisle. Masks are required in the hotel building. The schedule is subject to change because of the times so confirm before coming to the hotel.

Day Feast Time  
Monday, September 27 St Cosma and Damian TBA (Fr Bélisle)
Tuesday, September 28 St Wenceslas TBA  

Normally, confessions and Rosary 50 minutes before each Mass, but subject to change.


Mass stipends. The priests have been literally swamped with mass requests in the last few months so please be advised that all Fathers can only accept very few masses, masses that will be said well into fall. Do not put any stipends in collection plates but ask a priest directly.

Ignatian retreats. There will be retreats this summer in New Hamburg in English and in St-Césaire in French. There is also some Ignatian retreats in English in St-Césaire during the winter.

St Joseph Bursary collection. Second collection in Orillia, August22. Faithful in Sudbury can put a second envelope in the basket, clearly marked for the St Joseph Bursary.

Building Fund for Orillia. Second collection will be August 8. The collection last month was $1105, and there is now over $38 970 in the building fund, as other donations are added regularly.

Live streamed Masses. Masses are now available on the YouTube channel “Transfiguration Church SSPX”.

COVID-19 rules. Please do pay attention to follow the provincial or local rules concerning the limitation of the spread of COVID-19 while in our properties. We do not want to have to stop saying the Mass because of carelessness that could have been avoided.

Adult catechism. You can register for online catechism (YouTube videos) by Fr Boulet. Click here to register.

Bookstore. There is a selection of books for sale in Orillia, but you can also order online at the Toronto bookstore and the priests can bring your order to your mission the next -1-time they come. St. Michael’s Bookstore here. You can browse the site, then email the bookstore your order and ask them to give to the priest coming your way.

Remember in your prayers the souls of all the faithful departed but especially Robert Weaver (2002), Rosalind Pouliot (2007), Janice Cartmill (2018) and those of other deceased parishioners and relatives that have passed away in August.

Prayers for the sick. If yourself or anybody in your near family is sick, you can give me a name and I will post it here for 2 months, except if you renew the request.

Eucharistic Crusade intention for the month. In August 2021, the intention given by the General Superior is: That Christian souls would shine with purity.

Church of the Canadian Martyrs 

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