Eucharistic Crusade

Archbishop Lefebvre with children of the Eucharistic Crusade

The Eucharistic Crusade originating from St. Pius X's decree (Quam Singulari), was founded in 1914 by a Belgian priest, Fr. Edouard Poppe. 

Its purpose is to promote Eucharistic devotion among the children of our time. It equips our children with the armor of Christian virtue in order that they may be well-trained and strong soldiers in the fight for Faith. This Crusade is directed towards the young children, in order that they, too, can join in defending the Church, which is so viciously attacked every day. With Prayer as their life; Communion as their armor; Apostleship their army, uniting millions of children across the world; and Sacrifice the battle they fight, these children form an army that is stronger than all enemy forces. Let your children march in this army, shouting the motto of the Crusade; Prayer, Communion, Sacrifice, Apostolate!


Many centuries ago Crusaders were Catholic soldiers who fought against the Moslems to make the Holy Land safe for pilgrims. The name still refers to those who fight for Christ. The Eucharistic Crusade is an organization for children, who can do much for Christ by the spiritual weapons of "Prayer, Communion, Sacrifice and Apostolate" - this is the motto of the Eucharistic Crusade.

The popes called for this children's Eucharistic Crusade and gave the children a special intention to pray for each month. Today the SSPX continues this traditional devotion. It is a great help, not only for the monthly intentions, but also for the souls of the children, for our Lord will reward this practice of virtue.


Every day, members of the Eucharistic Crusade make an examination of conscience about virtue. They must write down the number of prayers and good works they have performed. These numbers are sent, from all over the world, to the Secretariat of the Crusade. Together our prayers and good works have great value.


In the evening of each day, children should write down the number of good works they have done during the day. A total should be made at the end of the month. Each item on the Treasure Chart deserves some explanation:

Daily Offering:  This is the prayer that all members of the Eucharistic Crusade pray every morning. It includes an intention that changes each month.  Only mark one each day.

Mass: If you attend Mass, mark this box.

Sacramental Communion: If we receive Sacramental Communion, mark this box.

Spiritual Communion: If we pray a Spiritual Communion, mark how many times. This is a valuable prayer for Crusaders to learn; it is found in many prayer books. It is an act of desire for union with Christ.

Sacrifices: If we make personal sacrifices, mark how many times. Sacrifices may be any good work offered to our Lord, such as doing a duty well, our chores, our homework, helping a neighbour, or an act of self-denial.

Decades of Rosary: Mark the number of decades of the Rosary we pray.

Visits Blessed Sacrament: If we visit Jesus in a Catholic Church, mark how many times. Attending Mass is also a visit to the Blessed Sacrament.

15 minutes silence: Mark this once for each time you keep silent for 15 minutes. (Do not mark the number of minutes.) This is an excellent practice for children; it teaches self-control and concentration. The time must be spent without talking or noisy activity. Watching a movie, listening to music, or sleeping are not times of silence. Reading, doing silent work, or prayer are times of silence. Older members of the Crusade can mark their time of meditation in this box.

Good example: Mark the number of good examples you have given each day. "Apostolate" is one of the weapons of the Crusade; by this good work we teach others to do good. Sometimes we can speak to others and tell them what to do; often it is enough to silently do a good work so that others can see and imitate it.


Before the tenth of the next month, total the columns on the Treasure Chart and place them in the designated box within your Chapel.


Anyone who want to officially enter the Eucharistic Crusade must make promises. Begin by praying the daily offering and filling out the Treasure Chart. Write your name on the chart if you are new. After a short probation one may become a Page. If one is generous, after a while he/she is accepted as a Crusader. Those Crusaders found worthy will be promoted to the level of Knight or Handmaid.

The Page (typically 5 to 7 yrs. of age) promises to pray the daily offering every morning and to pray his evening prayers and fill in the Treasure Chart every evening.

The Crusader (typically 8 to 12) promises (in addition to the promises of the Page) to pray every day at least two decades of the Rosary, to receive Holy Communion every Sunday (if possible), to make at least one sacrifice every day, to fight against his dominant fault, and to go to Confession at least once a month.

The Knight/Handmaid (typically 13 to 15) promises (in addition to the promises of the Crusader) to pray 5 decades of the Rosary every day, to make a Spiritual Communion every day (or, if possible, to make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament), to do 15 minutes of meditation every day, and to go to Confession every two weeks.

These promises are serious and that is why one must prepare oneself carefully, by asking the advice of a good priest. The promises do not oblige under pain of sin. The enrollment is done during a special ceremony during which the future member replies to certain questions asked by the priest. He then promises to remain faithful to his promises and then he receives the badge of the Crusade which he will wear visibly and with a certain legitimate pride.


Fr. Gaydosh publishes a monthly bulletin for the Crusade The Guardian of Crusaders. This bulletin contains information about the Eucharistic Crusade, advice, and stories of the saints. It is much recommended.

Contact the Crusade headquarters (by email at [email protected]) for more informations.


(to be recited every morning when you wake up)

0 Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer Thee all my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day, for all the intentions of Thy Sacred Heart, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world, and in reparation for my sins. I offer them particularly (for the monthly intention).  Amen.