Christmas Concert 2022

St. Peter’s choir and Our Lady of Mount Carmel students gave a riveting performance on the Second Sunday of Advent. The uplifting and beautiful music was especially fitting in anticipation of the coming of the Christ Child at Christmas.  

We beheld exquisite talents from young and old alike. St. Peter’s choir sang many beautiful classics such as the Ave Maria and O Come all ye Faithful. Teresa Zang gave a stunning performance of Tarantella on the piano. Elizabeth Weiner accompanied several performers with her lovely playing of the violin. Steve Tan gave a beautiful solo performance on the piano. He also accompanied some very talented singers such as Julianne Hartman and Christopher Pitre, both of which received standing ovations. The High School boys also did very well, even adding fun choreography to their songs.  

It was an event well worth attending and we are very blessed to have such talent in our parish and school.