Canadian Martyrs Camp 2023 - Memories from Huronia

The sacraments, adventure, and the beautiful outdoors are all things that can be enjoyed year-round at home but also at The Canadian Martyrs Camp. The thing that makes each of these activities so unique at camp is the opportunity for children to grow in appreciation for them alongside good friends, while growing in virtue and creating lifelong memories.

Friendship is the source of the greatest pleasure, and without friends, even the most agreeable pursuits become tedious

– St. Thomas Aquinas. 


On our path to heaven, we need good friends to encourage us and work alongside us with this same goal in mind. At Canadian Martyrs camp this reality is shown so beautifully. Children are able to form Christian friendships built on the practice of virtue and the fact that they share the true Faith. Even if these friendships do not last a lifetime the memories of these friendships do last; memories such as: going to Mass, attending Catechism, canoeing, adventure and important life lessons. As adults we often look back to happy childhood memories with friends; how beautiful it is to be able to look back on these memories and have the central theme of these friendships be our Catholic Faith. 

At Canadian Martyrs camp this year, we, the counsellors, were able to see first-hand the formation of these friendships. Whether it was during our thrilling Indians vs. Missionaries games, racing in our canoes down the lake or simply walking to the chapel to say our daily Rosary, one could see the friendships forming. Girls would bond over great laughs, sharing stories of their day and through the little acts of charity they showed one another. On my first night as a counsellor, I was astonished to see so many girls eager to share what they had brought even if it meant giving away a sleeping mat to another girl, they had just met, who forgot their own. In the pursuit of friendship, camp allowed the girls the opportunity to practice the virtues their parents try so hard to instill in them. In seeing how the older girls acted at camp, the younger campers were able to have good role models close enough in age for them to look up to and hope to become one day. Together the girls learnt stories about new saints that they can discuss and even take home to share with others.

Canadian Martyrs camp is a beautiful opportunity to form lasting friendships, grow in virtue and create lifelong memories enriched in Catholic teachings. Camp simply put is just one more tool at a parent’s disposal to aid them in forming saints. 


- A Devoted CMC Counsellor