Formation of Soul, Mind and Body

From Religion class to Computer Literacy, the school day at OLMC Academy is interwoven with the practice of virtue. Students must not only be well educated, but well rounded, especially gaining a an understanding and love of the Catholic religion.


The Elementary student learns to study the rudiments of the Faith – to know it and love it in simplicity. The adolescent needs more. He must have the treasures of the Faith opened up to his understanding – he needs Theology; Theology is Faith seeking understanding. When he leaves home, the young man will find his Faith under at­tack, he may even find himself under pressure to abandon it. Upon Graduation, he must therefore know and be convinced that the Faith is the most precious thing that he has – it alone can lead him to his destiny and solve the mysteries of life.

His Faith must not be dry knowledge, but alive and fed by prayer and the sacraments. If you share this vision, join us at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy. We look forward to receiving you.

Science and Mathematics

We teach the Math and Science curriculum de­veloped by Cambridge. Cambridge teaching and study materials focus more on problem solving and application and less on memorization and repetition. With these advantages and its rigor­ous challenge-based study materials, Cambridge is used as an international standard of excellence for students from Great Britain to Singapore. At OLMC we believe that this Cambridge style matures young minds, making students comfort­able and capable of the logical rea­soning necessary for the modern Catholic man.


OLMC offers courses in French and Latin Language instruc­tion. Latin, being the language of the Church, is something the school enthusiastically encour­ages. French, being Canada’s other official lan­guage, is also a staple of the curriculum.


Music education encourages creativity, self-dis­cipline, confidence, and communication. Classes focus on choral work, recorder ensembles, music history, and reading music notation. Students are also provided the opportunity to privately study Piano, Violin, and Voice with qualified teachers.


History is taught with a Catholic outlook. Pre­senting history with scholarly texts while shining the light of Divine Providence on its progress helps students to grow intellectually and spiritu­ally in their love and knowledge of God and His Creation. With history, students develop a fuller Catholic understanding and appreciation of how the Church has made an impact on history and human civilization from Roman times through to the Middle Ages and into modern times.


English is divided into Litera­ture and Expression. In Literature, students engage works of the literary canon within their historical and ideological contexts. Students are inspired to imagine complex emo­tions and issues compared alongside the ideal of all literature: truth allied with beauty.

English Expression is a practical course that focuses on language and communication. With rhetorical exercises, style drills and real world ap­plications, students shore up their communica­tion skills and learn methods used since antiquity through to modern marketing and business.

Computer Literacy

Being computer literate has become a major skill required for industry and studies. Thanks to generous benefactors, OLMC has a computer lab where students are taught basic operating system navigation, keyboarding, word process­ing, graphic arts and information design. Using computers, with all they can access and do, re­quires discipline. The ability to navigate, organize and produce concise information is vital towards effective communication and time management.

Career Preparation

Our Science and Maths curriculum challenges students with problem solving, scientific inquiry, and data analysis. By the end of high school, students have completed the necessary Phys­ics, Chemistry, Biology, and Calculus for future careers in technology, business, and engineering.

The Career Preparation Course helps students identify their unique skills and career opportuni­ties. In tamdem with this, the Fathers guide each boy in the discernment of his God-given voca­tion, giving our graduates confi­dence and direc­tion.

Sports and Recreation

Students take time out from their stud­ies to enjoy physical exercises, games and activities. From organized sports, such as competitive basketball, to games of strategy, such as collectible trading card games and tabletop miniature games, OLMC embraces a wide variety of interests; some are more cre­ative, such as drama club and music lessons and some are simple fun, such as foosball, air hockey and ping pong.

Because leisure is the basis of culture, recreation has an essential place in the education of youth. Through recreation young people not only grow in social maturity, but also adopt the hobbies and activities that may continue to occupy them throughout their adult lives.